Safety is our priority. Using NAUJO products you can be absolutely sure of the security of your funds. The NAUJO security system is built on the basis of the most advanced achievements in the field of cryptography and information security. Full compliance with all industry standards ensures the reliability of your funds.


Please yourself with the highest level of convenience of our services. We work daily to make you comfortable with us. Nice design of our applications. The usual methods of managing accounts and transactions. Attentive customer support. Mobile apps for iOS and Android. Everything has been done so that the use of the system is as comfortable as possible.


Using Naujo not only convenient, but also profitable. In addition to significant savings, you can receive various discounts at your favorite stores, as well as collect various advantageous offers. For businesses, the “One-Click Payment” service provides a profitable way to connect payments to your website. Thanks to our system, you can control your payments comfortably and securely.

Our services

We intend to provide services for both natural and legal persons

  • Transferring funds within the system
  • P2P transfers to partner systems
  • SEPA transfers
  • Transfer “by card number” to another system
  • Issuing debit payment cards
  • Wiring of cards of third-party systems
  • Accepting payments for Internet businesses
  • Currency exchange
  • Currency basket
  • Saving of Internet payments
  • Internet payment protection

System features

Multi-currency account

By opening an account in Naujo you will be able to carry out daily payment transactions quickly and easily. An account at Naujo opens completely free of charge. We will open an account instantly without documents and a physical meeting with one click in the Internet bank. Flexible settings of rates and limits allow you to control all operations simply and conveniently.

Currency Exchange

Naujo accounts will be able to store money in various currencies. Converting funds from one currency to another is possible easily and quickly in the Internet bank. Currency exchange in Naujo is possible in a few seconds. You can exchange currency in all directions supported by the system. Take advantage of our profitable exchange rates.

Internet Payments

Using the Naujo system, you can conveniently make purchases on the Internet. Many sites will accept payment through Naujo. At the same time, it will be possible to link payment cards and accounts in other electronic money systems to a Naujo account. If an error occurs during payment, you can request a cancellation of payment in accordance with applicable policies. Join us and you will get unprecedented convenience of managing your finances.

External transfers

Naujo will allow you to transfer funds through the SEPA system. All our customers will be able to make SEPA payments in a few seconds. SEPA transfers are instant, round-the-clock and daily. Supporting documents on transactions can be easily attached directly at the Internet bank. We will take everything into account and provide the best service.

Internal Transfers

Transfers between Naujo customers will be completely free. Transfers are made in any currency. This is the easiest way to transfer money to the recipient. You can specify the recipient in different ways, for example, by phone number. Funds will be transferred instantly. The recipient will be able to use the funds immediately after receipt.

Basket of currencies

Saving and increasing funds - the “Basket of currencies” service allows you to store money in a special account, the currencies in which are redistributed in such a way that the total value of all basket currencies is maintained at the maximum level. The service operates on the basis of a self-learning neural network. The ideal solution for thrifty investors.

Identity Verification

Verification of the identity of the account holder and expansion of the limits of operations is completely free for several minutes by a licensed international verifier. We offer several ways to verify your identity. Choose convenient and use the system to the maximum.

Enhanced Security

The system is fully compliant with PCI DSS, GDPR and all AML&CTF requirements for European financial companies. The analytical module working with databases of “toxic” sites protects our customers from making risky payments and offers safe and popular alternatives. Multi-factor confirmation systems provide the highest level of security for your funds.

Debit cards

Contactless MasterCard Naujo payment cards can be issued and delivered to the specified address as soon as possible. MasterCard Naujo cards allow you to pay in any electronic and physical stores, as well as withdraw money from ATMs where MasterCard cards are served. You can order a card by becoming our client through the Internet bank on our website.

Acceptance of payments for online stores

For corporate clients selling services via the Internet, we provide an online payment acceptance service. Your customers will be able to pay with credit cards directly from Naujo accounts. At the same time, funds are credited to your account instantly. Connection to accept payments is completely free.

Notifications and reports

Receive information about transactions performed in our mobile application, by SMS or e-mail. Various types of reports on any transactions performed are available in our online bank. For your convenience, information can be downloaded in PDF format or sent in the form of a consolidated report by e-mail.

Smartphone applications

Convenient applications for smartphones iOS and Android offer all the basic functionality of our online banking. Thanks to mobile applications, you can manage your accounts, make currency exchanges and payments, receive real-time notifications of funds received.

Apple Pay & Google Pay

Naujo MasterCard debit cards can be easily used with Apple Pay and Google Pay. To do this, just add our Naujo MasterCard in the appropriate application and all the freedom to use modern technology in your pocket.

Payment directions

With our system you can pay for a wide variety of services and purchases. All payments occur online, and upon your request of supporting documentation can be issued. Here are a few payment directions available at our system:

  • Electronic goods and Entertainment
  • Cellular phones
  • Internet and TV
  • Housing services
  • Rents
  • Electricity & gas
  • Water supply & heating
  • Home phone
  • Security services, intercom
  • Parking
  • Maintenance services
  • Land rent payments
  • Transport
  • Health, sports & leisure
  • Construction organizations
  • Social payments
  • Public organizations
  • Leisure & travel
  • Tickets
  • Travel


Using Naujo not only convenient, but also profitable. In addition to the significant savings you can get discounts at your favorite stores, and also collect a variety of attractive offers.

Who we are

and what we do

We are - the company Naujo UAB established in 2019 with a solid entry into the market of payment services with the innovative products for the industry package.

We are in the process of creating a payment system designed to facilitate the management of personal finances on the Internet. The Naujo system will provide a full range of electronic money enterprise services: storing funds on multicurrency accounts, currency exchange, replenishment and withdrawal of funds in various ways, issuing payment cards, linking payment cards of third-party systems. And also, services that increase the security of payments, allowing you to economize, save money and many other functions.

It is planned that one of the competitive advantages of Naujo will be the “Internet payment protection” service, which, in addition to the requirements of AML&CTF, will additionally check websites for doubtful lists and recommend that the payer refuse to pay, as well as offer an alternative.

In the future, we plan to launch the service “Saving Internet payments”. As part of this service, an artificial intelligence system will be introduced to control the quality and cost of services provided by providers, working on the basis of collected statistics and information contained in third-party databases. At the time of payment, if the coefficient of economy exceeds the specified one, the system will recommend that our customers refuse to pay and offer a more profitable alternative. And if it is possible to use different accounts or payment methods, the system itself will offer the most economical method of payment.

Another feature of the system will be the “Basket of currencies” service, designed to preserve deposits in case of significant fluctuations in the exchange rates of currency pairs. Moreover, in addition to its own analytical platform, it is planned to collect recommendations on the balance of the basket of currencies from specialized analytical agencies. We plan to provide our customers with the ability to track the effectiveness of various algorithms and choose between them.

For corporate clients, the “NaujoPay” service will be provided, allowing you to pay on the site with Naujo electronic money. At the same time, technical integration with Naujo will be extremely simplified. In the future, for corporate customers, the “One-click payment” service will be provided, which will collect many different payment methods. Which, in our opinion, will give us a significant advantage in the payment acceptance market for corporate clients on the Internet.

The system we are developing will become a reliable assistant in saving money for all categories of citizens. It is likely that our services for safety and economy will be most interesting, for consumers of the older age group, whose representatives are most often faced with network difficulties. In our work, we plan to focus on this particular age group.

Initially, we plan to conduct activities exclusively in the territory of the Republic of Lithuania. After testing business models and identifying the most profitable areas, we plan to expand to Eastern Europe and further to the entire European Union.


Obtaining a license

Obtaining a limited license of an Electronic Money Institution. Completion of basic software development. Hiring. Commissioning works.


Integrations with contractors and government agencies. Connecting a verifier, acquiring, payments to cards, issue of co-branded cards. Debugging business processes. Release of mobile applications.

License Extension

Extension of the license and enter the international market. The development of the most profitable areas.

Our team

Vilius Simutis

Director General

Jeronimas Laucius

Chairman of the Supervisory Board

Audrius Mitsura

Technical Director


Safety is our priority. Using NAUJO products you can be absolutely sure of the security of your funds.

Contact information and address


Our comfortable office is located in the center of Vilnius at 11B Jogailos Street.

In case you want to become our partner and you have offers for cooperation, we will be glad to see you.

Lithuania, Vilnius, Jogailos 11B - 101
From 10:00 to 18:00.
Monday - Saturday
+370 52677070
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